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Meaning behind Tuttii

Stems from the French musical term "Tutti", which literally means "everyone" and refers to a part of a musical piece when the entire orchestra plays at once.

Music NFT space is in hypergrowth


Total music nft sales in Q1 2021


Total music nft sales in Q4 2021


Increase in sales

Our Roadmap

Q1 2022

Phase 1 (NFT Launch)

In Phase 1, we're launching our first generative NFT for platform fundraising. NFT holders will receive platform equity via AirDrops.

"Music NFTs are the next wave…“

@BangPlays - Dec 19, 2021

Phase 2

Begin testing generative audio algorithm with Beta partners and NFT Holders.

Q2 2022

Q4 2022

Phase 3

Launch v1 of the Tuttii platform for early supporters and mobile mashup app.


Meet the leadership

Troy Skinner
Leo Koloamatangi
Duke Moran
Charlie Moran

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